Our Clinical Team

The Englehart and District Family Health Team provides a range of services from health care professionals, such as:

Family Physicians

The key role of the Family Physician is to provide continuous primary care to individual patients and their family members. The Physician helps to coordinate the patient's care and helps them navigate through the health care system. Family Physicians have expert knowledge about the health care system, health promotion and health maintenance. The Englehart and District Family Health Team is approved for a complement of six Primary Care Physicians.

Nurse Practitioners

The Nurse Practitioner(NP) is a Registered Nurse with additional education to prepare her/him for advanced nursing practice in the provision of primary health care to individuals, families and communities. NPs have advanced knowledge and decision making skills in health assessment, diagnosis, medications, health care management and community development. They work collaboratively with Family Physicians in the total care of patients in a primary care setting.

Registered Nurse

The Registered Nurse works together with primary health care providers in the provision of primary care for patients. Nurses work directly with the primary health care provider to provide health assessments, treatment and management of disease, education and advocacy and collaboration with other health professionals and agencies.


Dietitians assess nutritional needs as well as treat and prevent related disorders by nutritional means. Dietitians are educated in the science and management of nutrition and dietetics and can contribute to health promotion and illness prevention. The Dietitian provides patient and family education to ensure safe and healthy eating strategies.

Social Worker

The practice of social work involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of an individual's interpersonal and societal problems. Social Workers provide the psychosocial perspective to complement the medical perspective. The Social Worker can provide individual and group counselling, linkages to other community resources, education on mental health issues and advocacy.

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